Celebrity Questions

So I’m in the waiting room at the cardiologist, and the tv is on – some show about helping an overweight person who has ADD & drinks 10 sodas a day and eats chocolate cake for lunch. Anyway, Ty Pennington is one of the hosts… I haven’t seem him since the last time I watched Extreme Home Makeover like 5 years ago. What happened to him?! He looks 25 years older and is kinda shaky, and very tan – like George Hamilton. Does he have a disease? Does he go tanning multiple times per day? These are the questions I have right now.

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5 Responses to Celebrity Questions

  1. Ali says:

    Hmm.. I haven’t seen him in awhile. Now I am curious!

  2. Kendra says:

    I did see him not long ago, & you are right!!! Well, not in person, but you know. I know he was arrested for drunk driving–I am pretty sure, anyways. I don’t follow him that well, & he hasn’t called in forever, so….I am sure you could check the enquirer–they know. :)

  3. Petra says:


  4. Petra says:

    Martha! I just looked at that link – lol!! I love how most of the men still have the same hairdo like they are holding onto the good ole days! And how some look better NOW (David Bowie!!!)…

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