Chocolate and Drugs

I just ate six powerberries for my 30 grams of carbs I get with lunch. Delicioso. I figured since I have a near-debilitating migraine from getting glutened at a restaurant last night, I’m wearing an uncomfortable and awkward 24-hour heart monitor, and I’m about to try and nap, I’d cheat a little. It was worth it. I’ll test my blood sugar two hours after lunch, but I think it’ll be okay. ;)

I’m actually ‘allowed’ to cheat a little here and there, but I have been ‘cheating’ way less than they said I could. I just prefer to feel as good as I can, and I’m so used to depriving myself of ‘treats’ that it’s not as big of a deal to refrain as it was once upon a time in the days of yore.

By the way, and I knew this from previous times when I was completely sugar-free, fruit tastes SUPER sweet when you don’t eat other forms of sugar. Bananas are like eating a big stick of sugar – almost disgustingly sweet. It’s kind of funny, because I remember a time when sugar was in most of what I ate (even cooking ingredients like pasta sauce had added sugar – the cheapo brands I bought back in the day), and most fruit then didn’t taste very sweet to me.

I am glad that the gestational diabetes isn’t too terrible this time so I still get to enjoy fruit and flavored yogurt on a daily basis! My numbers did go higher than normal the other day after Andrew and I decided to have La Dolce Vita pizza for dinner… but even then, my numbers haven’t once hit where they frequently stayed when I had gestational diabetes with Jacob!! I think eating a ‘real food’ diet goes a LONG way in preventing disease!! I was carb and protein counting when pregnant with Jacob as well, but the blood sugar numbers were still difficult to control (and it stayed for six months after I gave birth). My numbers have been great almost all of the time since starting my diet a few weeks ago. Thank the Lord!

I have been tested for several things lately, and am actually figuring out some lifelong health issues! I had major breakthroughs with the celiac and fibromyalgia discoveries a few years ago, but there have been mysteries that remained. Lord willing, I will get some answers so I can get on the road with an all-natural healing plan.

Speaking of all-natural, I do take drugs when needed, as I think that’s what they are there for (or at least it should be), but the ultimate goal is to be naturally healthy with organic remedies and preventive measures so that I do not remain dependent on drugs to be able to function!

More on these issues in a pregnancy and health update coming up soon (probably after my next baby ultrasound on Wednesday). For now, I’m going to savor the yummy powerberry taste that still lingers. Mmmmmmm… :)

{the bottom part of my heart rate monitor, and my 30 week, 1 day belly – which is no longer covered in bruises because I am now doing the heparin shots in my hips and thighs as I ran out of fat to grab and poke on my belly, that and the doctor felt sorry for me and said my belly needed a break}…


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  1. DragonLady says:


  2. DragonLady says:

    OMG!!! I posted that comment and then BAM! Baby belly! Did you update this after originally posting????

  3. mmmmmmmmm…powerberries…

    mmmmmmmmm…la dolce vita…

    yeah, your belly does need a break!

  4. Petra says:

    lol Martha! Yes… I blogged from my phone and hit publish before adding the photo and photo intro. I got confused. lol

  5. DragonLady says:

    hahahaha! And clearly I sit at work watching my Google Reader for updates. :)

  6. Kendra says:

    Wow—what a great Mom you are. I know you wouldn’t be any other way. I am thinking IF I ever wanted to complain about “ummm, being too tired to walk 4 miles instead of 3 while pregnant” I won’t be calling you :)
    I am praying, we need to talk, & I can’t WAIT for the birth :-) :-)

  7. Petra says:

    Oh Kendster – I walked a little over a half mile the other day, slowly, and my heart rate went too high, so I have to make my walks even shorter. :(
    I can’t wait to be able to go three miles again! Which is about how far I can go when not prego. :)
    I know you appreciate your good health and your high functioning heart and lungs!! :)

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