Fun facts to know and tell: Episode 872

March 30, 2012 in Random

1. I saw a raccoon tonight up close. Brand new experience. We looked at each other through the deck door. It was eating cat food. Our biggest male cat scared it off earlier, and Justice scared it even further… and moved all the kittens to the front where it’s lighter and more protected. But then I heard the two bigger boy cats growling and ran and got Justice up (at 3:45 – he was thrilled). The raccoon was huge! Justice chased it off, weapons in hand, and we hope it doesn’t come back. Maybe I should get out one of the guns and shoot it next time! I don’t want it terrorizing our 2,642 cats!

2. The past two nights, even though I’ve been a non-functioning insomniac previously, I’ve actually gotten some things done! Caught up on some schoolwork and test grading, printed off some new chore lists, made some business cards, re-designed my photography logo into one I actually like, updated my photography Facebook page, edited photos, started working on a photography website and blog, researched heart burn (no more pizza!!), and more!

3. I have got to remember to call some people tomorrow, during working hours!! I realized I have two doctor appointments scheduled 30 minutes apart on Monday… in two different towns. That’s not gonna work. And I have to sign my kids up for achievement tests… which I always remember to call AFTER school hours.

4. I have been referring to the current time as “tonight”, even though it’s nearly 5:30 am, because I haven’t slept yet.

5. Does anyone know of any surefire heartburn remedies that don’t involve medicine? All the medicines I know that work, have talc in them… which is usually gluten. Eating an apple each day has helped keep the heartburn to a minimum, but sometimes I’m retarded and eat things that contain lots of tomato sauce (like tonight), and then I can’t lie down without the heartburn being completely unbearable. I’ve looked it up, but I’m not eating vinegar of any type (so gross!), and all the other remedies are weird and there’s so many alleged remedies, so I’m hoping to hear from someone who knows firsthand! :)

6. I need an adult who wants to stay with my kids for two nights in the near future, so I can accompany my husband on a trip he has to take for work. It would be so great to get away with him for a couple nights before the baby comes. Any takers? :)

7. I think I’m finally exhausted enough and my nocturnal baby has settled down enough that I can attempt to sleep again. Last night I got 4 hours in a row, and then a 2 hour nap, so that was awesome… I’m hoping to repeat that! :)