And now, some tunes to lighten your mood…

March 28, 2012 in Lists, Music

My playlists change often, and generally include a variety of music.  Here’s some of the songs I’m enjoying lately that I decided to be kind enough to share with all of you.  You’re welcome.  If you click on one and don’t like it, keep going – they are not all in the same category!  There’s some Christian, some secular, some older, some newer.  If you have some tunes you want to share with me, leave a link or at least the name/artist in the comments section!  :)

*disclaimer* I do not recommend all of the videos in the ‘secular’ section… just weirdness!  LOL  I actually haven’t even watched all the videos… some of the songs I have only heard – I’m just using youtube to link them… *end disclaimer*

{the first 11 are secular, the last 8 are Christian}:

1.  ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ by Gotye (in a small way, this kind of makes me think of a modern version of the 80′s song, ‘Don’t You Want Me’ by Human League, which, of course, was brilliant [and dude's makeup in that video is outta control... just saying])

2. ‘Sail’ by AWOLNATION (and for kicks, I’m adding this ‘unofficial’ video made by two girls in their back yard, because I like it better than the ‘real’ video – both videos are the same song though)

3. ‘Poison & Wine’ by The Civil Wars – amazing!

4. ‘Barton Hollow’ by The Civil Wars

5. ‘We Are Young’ by Fun. – love this!

6. ‘Modern Nature’ by Sondre Lerche (from the Dan In Real Life soundtrack)

7. ‘Copacabana’ by Barry Manilow (this song never gets old.  And have you ever noticed that he looks VERY similar to Willy Wonka from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie in this video?)

8. ‘Animal’ by Neon Trees (I’m enjoying lots of their songs currently)

9. ‘D’Artagnan’s Theme’ by Citizen Cope (the only good song I’ve heard of theirs though)

10. ‘The Lipstick on His Collar’ by Caro Emerald

11. ‘Strangers in the Night’ by Frank Sinatra – Frank should always be on the playlist!


1. ‘Busted Heart’ by For King & Country (one of my current favorites!)

2. ‘Every Time You Run’ by Manafest (I love this whole song, but especially love the chorus)

3. ‘Make a Move’ by Royal Tailor (kinda peppy and late 80′s feeling to it – great lyrics!) :)

4. ‘You Are More’ by Tenth Avenue North (this song recently made it’s way back to my playlist – love it! Watch the video if you haven’t seen it) [also - if you don't want to click on all these songs and don't already know them, but only want to choose just one, choose this one]

5. ‘Garbage In’ by Tal & Acacia

6. ‘Drive All Night’ by Needtobreathe (if you’ve never heard Needtobreathe, they are awesome – try ‘Something Beautiful’, ‘Lay Em Down’ and ‘Washed By the Water’ for starters)

7. ‘Hold Me’ by Jamie Grace with Toby Mac (I’m not a Toby Mac fan, but I enjoy this song)

8. ‘Slow Your Breath Down’ by Future of Forestry (the amount of talent in the musicians here is amazing – watch the video and see all the different sounds they can make.  They have lots of good tunes.  If my other Christian music tastes are too ‘upbeat pop’ or too ‘alternative sounding’ for your taste, try Future of Forestry)

Okay, I have more Christian music I listen to, but I’m currently on the hunt for some new stuff.  So share if you know of something I’ll love! :)